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A Powerful Experience of Coming Together

As a student at the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education, School of Education, I participated in the Global Peace Festival held November 28-29, 2008, and the preparatory events leading up to the event. The Global Peace Festival is a very powerful avenue in which individuals can come together and experience the diverse cultures and uniqueness and share with each other in joyous celebrations as one family under God.

Indeed the GPF is a wonderful event which can guide the leaders of the Solomon Islands in tackling the social problems that are starting to invade our homes and especially the increasing breakdown of family values.

Through the involvement in the GPF, I had some new experiences and inspirations. The preparatory events and activities were challenging especially for the students. The campaign gained tremendous momentum just a week prior to the culmination of the GPF’s final events, with a lot of local communities showing interest and support.

What inspires me is the crowd that turned out for the celebrations at the Lawson Tama stadium in spite of opposition from various groups. Interestingly, something unbelievable happened, and the International Leadership Conference changed the mood of key people.

The Global Peace Festival final celebration was a wonderful and successful event. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” May God bless the Solomon Islands.