UPF Convenes Spectacular World Summit 2020

The World Summit 2020 Assembly brought together a wide range of experts and stakeholders to offer insights and recommendations that contribute to building a world of lasting peace.


Balkans Peace Initiative Consultation: Toward Lasting Peace in the Balkans

Balkans experts gathered at a special session of World Summit 2020 to discuss the region’s progress to a peaceful future.


Central Asians Discuss Regional Cooperation

The Central Asian Forum that took place during World Summit 2020 had as its theme “Cooperation and Peace: Eurasian Perspective and Interdependence.”


Clergy at Assembly Seek ‘God’s Will for the Earth’

Several hundred clergy attended the World Clergy Leadership Conference Assembly, held during World Summit 2020.


Religious Leaders Call for Greater Interfaith Cooperation

The Global Assembly of IAPD had as its theme “Toward a World of Lasting Peace: The Role of Religion, Interreligious Dialogue and Faith-Based Organizations.”


Parliamentarians’ Assembly Addresses National and Regional Critical Issues

The Global Assembly of IAPP highlighted the central role played by parliamentarians throughout the world.




See our Programs and Initiatives page to learn about IAPP, IAPD, ISCP, Peace Road, Sunhak Peace Prize, and other UPF Initiatives


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Peace Tours

American Clergy Bring Peace Message to Bangui

Bangui, Central African Republic - Two American Christian leaders came to the Central African Republic to deliver the UPF peace message. When Mrs. Carolyn Lincoln and Mr. Alain Leroy arrived at the airport, they saw a strong military presence but as Ambassadors for Peace, they were determined to share the message of peace in this difficult situation.

In a time of war, people came out to meet these Ambassadors for Peace and were inspired by their message of hope. In one organization, 70 people received Ambassador for Peace certificates; all of them had completed the three-week Ambassador for Peace training course.

The Americans visited a medical clinic, youth center and an orphanage that the African Ambassadors for Peace are running. The clinic was established because young women who where pregnant sometimes died on the way to the hospital. Many of the children cared for by the orphanage lost their parents to AIDS, and some of the children have AIDS themselves. UPF is working together with different groups to help better the quality life for African people and is grateful to the American Ambassadors for Peace for coming to Central Africa Republic.

Most of the Ambassadors of Peace in Central Africa would like to reciprocate and come to America to share Father Moon’s message of peace with Americans.

To read a message delivered at UPF peace rallies, click here.

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Slovakia Celebrates Founder’s Centenary

Bratislava, Slovakia—The 100th birthday of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon was honored at a special program held by UPF-Slovakia.

French Participants Reflect On World Summit 2020

Paris, France—World Summit 2020 was the topic of discussion of about 60 summit participants and Ambassadors for Peace at a meeting held by UPF.

UPF Leader Attends Parliament Meeting

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF-Portugal joined an international Lusophone organization in visiting the parliament of Portugal.