Israel’s Faith Leaders Pray during Pandemic

Leaders representing four main religions met to pray for the healing of the world from coronavirus.


UPF-Korea Event Supports Launch of New Organization

UPF-Korea held an event in support of the launch of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, an affiliated organization, which was broadcast online and attended by 810 participants.


Russian Orthodox Cleric Promotes Pedagogy of Peace

A prominent Russian Orthodox cleric was the first guest in a series of online meetings on interreligious cooperation.


Africa Day Event Tackles Major Issues

An Africa Day commemoration discussed violence against women and government corruption.


India Celebrates Global Day of Parents with Virtual Conference

UPF-India celebrated the UN Global Day of Parents 2020 by organizing a virtual conference on “Parental Love is the Key to Combating COVID-19,” with several hundred participants.


Faith for Earth: Climate Change and Environmental Justice

The Coalition of Faith Based Organizations, a partner organization of UPF, hosted a June 4th webinar on Faith for Earth: Climate Change and Environmental Justice..




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Peace Tours

Peace Tour Inaugurates UPF in the Solomon Islands

The Emcee for the UPF Inauguration in the Solomon Islands was Mr. Francis Kairi, former education secretary. The Hon. Allan Kemakeza, Prime Minister, was the guest of honor. He graciously acknowledged Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s work for peace both internationally and locally. He expressed great appreciation for the opportunities for Solomon Islands leaders to attend international conferences.

As he delivered the Peace Message of the global tour, Father Moon explained that in God’s view, it matters little whether a nation is rich or poor in a particular moment. “If you can understand the suffering heart of God, you are much better off than those who live an affluent life,” he said. “Only through heart and love will leadership be determined in the future.”

“I have been called by God to take this message to every corner of the world. I didn’t come here to sell anything but to introduce the message of God. The world is wide open, and the opportunity for you is wide open,” he said. “We have to solve all the major problems of the world. Preserve the purity of the Pacific Ocean and your youth."

The event included an invitation for couples to join in a world peace blessing toast of marriage rededication.

Hon. Allan Kemakeza, Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands


Rev. Paul Saver, leader of the Melanesian Region of UPF-Oceania, explained that the Spanish explorer Álvaro de Mendeña de Neira found gold on the islands and gave them name “Solomon Islands” to indicate that perhaps it was here that King Solomon got all his gold.

The country has about 500,000 people on 800 islands. About 99% are Christian. A famous World War II battle took place in the bay of Guadalcanal, where many Japanese, Americans and Australians died. The waters off Honiara are called “Iron Bottom Sound” because about 70-80 major warships were sunk in those waters. As many as 80,000 died in the fighting.

To read the inaugural peace message, click here.
To download a report booklet of the UPF Founders' 2005 World Peace Tour, click here.

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UPF-Italy and WFWP "Peace Talks" - Webinar Focuses on Social Distancing Stress

Rome, Italy—Anxiety and stress resulting from social distancing were the topics of a webinar held by UPF and an affiliated organization.

UPF-Argentina Hosts Weekly Reading and Reflection Sessions on Zoom

Argentina—On May 18, UPF-Argentina held via Zoom its fifth reading and reflection session with the theme “Science and Ethics.”

Australian Webinar Discusses Health and Peacebuilding

Melbourne, Australia—UPF-Melbourne continued its personal development webinar series with a virtual seminar on mental health and peacebuilding.