Delegates From 27 African Countries Attend São Tomé and Príncipe Summit

"Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, and Universally Shared Values” was the theme of UPF’s recent African summit.


Israel and San Marino Girls Play Football for Peace

An interfaith group of teenage girls from Israel joined local players in a Football for Peace tournament.


18th Lake Baikal Environmental Project Completed in Siberia

A total of 87 volunteers took part in the 2019 edition of the project, restoring natural areas around Lake Baikal.


Peace Road Event Held in Indonesia

More than 200 people participated in the Peace Road 2019 event in Indonesia, which included a 5 kilometer walk through Jakarta.


Peace Road is Honored in Cameroon

Youth and Students for Peace marched under the banner of "Connecting the World Through Peace."


UPF-DR Congo Celebrates UN International Day of Peace

UPF-DR Congo Commemorated UN International Day of Peace by honoring new Ambassadors for Peace.




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Peace Tours

Peace Tour Inaugurates UPF in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - Former Prime Minister Tursunbek Chyngyshev presided at the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation in Kyrgyzstan, which was held on the Presidential Grounds. Participants included high-level officials from religion, government, civil society, the arts, business, and academia. Among the prominent guests were the President of the National Academy of Science, Mr. Djeenbaev, the Mayor of Bishkek, A. Nogoev, the Minister of Health, and a number of other cabinet-level ministers.

The Grand Mufti of Kyrgyzstan, Djumanov Muratali, offered the invocation. It being the month of Ramadan, the event was held at 4:00 PM, in order to conclude by sundown and the time to break the fast, 6:34 PM.

Nest, former Prime Minister Chyngyshev introduced Dr. Sun Myung Moon as a true champion of peace, a friend of Kyrgyzstan and the world. He urged all the gathered delegates to give their full attention to Father Moon’s peace message.

At the outset, Father Moon indicated he would read his speech pretty much straightforwardly. However, as he moved through the speech, he offered much elaboration and commentary on several points, particularly on the weaknesses of dialectical materialism, atheism, and lack of spiritual awareness. At times he gently scolded the audience, urging them to appreciate the seriousness of the time we are living in.

The event included an invitation for couples to join in a world peace blessing toast of marriage rededication.

At the close of his speech, Mother Moon joined her husband, and traditional robes and hats were presented to them by several delegates.

On the morning of his departure, Father and Mother Moon met with 120 local volunteers and spoke to them until his departure. He encouraged those gathered, who were mostly young university students, to study many languages, including Korean and English. “Young people should learn as many languages as possible,” he said. “In order to unify the nations of the world, and the religions, language plays a key role.”

He also stressed the value of not only cross-cultural exchanges but also cross-cultural marriages. "The entire world should be one family under one heavenly parent, centered on true love. Marriages between people of enemy nations is the key," he said, explaining that it be emphasized when children are young so as they grow up they accept it as part of their tradition and culture.

To read the inaugural peace message, click here.
To download a report booklet of the UPF Founders' 2005 World Peace Tour, click here.

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More Than 100 Asian Leaders Gather in Thailand for UPF Conference

Bangkok, Thailand—More than 100 guests from six nations participated in the most recent Asian Leadership Conference UPF held in Thailand.

International Day of Peace Observed in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia—A conference on “Peace Building and Our Environment” was held in Melbourne to commemorate the International Day of Peace 2019.

International Day of Peace Event Examines Media Bias

Bonn, Germany—The UPF commemoration started with a comparison of “peace journalism” vs. “war journalism.”