Delegates From 27 African Countries Attend São Tomé and Príncipe Summit

"Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, and Universally Shared Values” was the theme of UPF’s recent African summit.


Israel and San Marino Girls Play Football for Peace

An interfaith group of teenage girls from Israel joined local players in a Football for Peace tournament.


18th Lake Baikal Environmental Project Completed in Siberia

A total of 87 volunteers took part in the 2019 edition of the project, restoring natural areas around Lake Baikal.


Peace Road Event Held in Indonesia

More than 200 people participated in the Peace Road 2019 event in Indonesia, which included a 5 kilometer walk through Jakarta.


Peace Road is Honored in Cameroon

Youth and Students for Peace marched under the banner of "Connecting the World Through Peace."


UPF-DR Congo Celebrates UN International Day of Peace

UPF-DR Congo Commemorated UN International Day of Peace by honoring new Ambassadors for Peace.




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Peace Tours

Peace Rally Held in the Central African Republic

Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, hosted a rally on October 7 at the Hotel Oubangui to deliver the UPF peace message. The national leader, Rev. Noël Salogba, and his wife represented the continental leader, Rev. Eiji Tokuno, at this event.

Participants numbered more than 400 people, including former ministers, professors, heads of groups, youth representatives, members of the National Assembly, religious leaders, and leaders of political parties and NGOs.

Hon. Gomina

Pastor Ndoungou Jean Baptiste

The Audience

Pastor Gerekombwanga

Rev. Sologba

World Peace Blessing

After the words of welcome by the emcee, Jean Kpétiabodé, the opening prayer was said by Pastor Ndongou Jean Baptiste. The Chairman’s Address was read by Jean Paul Gerekombwanga.

The welcome speech was given by Hon. Laurent Gomina Pampali, who has been an Ambassador for Peace since 2003. Speaking of peacebuilding, he asked the audience, “Is it possible to say that such a mission is difficult? Each effort carried out contributes in an irreversible way to the realization of God’s ideal family and a world of peace! We may expect to be disavowed and humiliated as we fight the spiritual battle to carry out this mission. But let us remain plain and interdependent, open and attached to the five universal principles which should inspire our nation.”

The Founder's message was read by Rev. Salogba, who with his wife officiated at the prayer for blessing of marriage. One hundred and twenty Ambassadors for Peace were appointed on this occasion.

The general impression of the participants was an appreciation for the message of peace which reinforced the importance of the family and recommitment to marriage. People also sensed the need for more education for Ambassadors for Peace.

The event was covered by radio, television and four large newspapers.

To read a message delivered at UPF peace rallies, click here.

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More Than 100 Asian Leaders Gather in Thailand for UPF Conference

Bangkok, Thailand—More than 100 guests from six nations participated in the most recent Asian Leadership Conference UPF held in Thailand.

International Day of Peace Observed in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia—A conference on “Peace Building and Our Environment” was held in Melbourne to commemorate the International Day of Peace 2019.

International Day of Peace Event Examines Media Bias

Bonn, Germany—The UPF commemoration started with a comparison of “peace journalism” vs. “war journalism.”