Delegates From 27 African Countries Attend São Tomé and Príncipe Summit

"Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, and Universally Shared Values” was the theme of UPF’s recent African summit.


Israel and San Marino Girls Play Football for Peace

An interfaith group of teenage girls from Israel joined local players in a Football for Peace tournament.


18th Lake Baikal Environmental Project Completed in Siberia

A total of 87 volunteers took part in the 2019 edition of the project, restoring natural areas around Lake Baikal.


Peace Road Event Held in Indonesia

More than 200 people participated in the Peace Road 2019 event in Indonesia, which included a 5 kilometer walk through Jakarta.


Peace Road is Honored in Cameroon

Youth and Students for Peace marched under the banner of "Connecting the World Through Peace."


UPF-DR Congo Celebrates UN International Day of Peace

UPF-DR Congo Commemorated UN International Day of Peace by honoring new Ambassadors for Peace.




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Peace Tours

Peace Rallies Held throughout Poland

Warsaw, Poland - On November 2, 2006 the UPF chapter in Poland had the opportunity to promote the vision and peace message of the UPF by hosting five American Christian leaders in several cities in Poland.

Pastor Andre Wayne Jackson came to Warsaw to participate in the main national event. The conference was scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm. The venue was the famous Nowy Swiat Cafe located on Warsaw’s prestigious Nowy Swiat Street (New World Street). The cafe is well known, as two UPF exhibitions were held there prior to peace tour events in October 2005 and July this year.

The start of the evening program was delayed as more and more people arrived and additional seats had to added to accommodate the audience of 110 people. The conference started with a short introduction by the emcee Grzegorz Galacki. He presented the history of the World Tours and then invited Mr. Wùodzimierz Prokopiuk, Pastor of the Unified Polish Brothers and a 76-year-old Ambassador for Peace, to give the invocation prayer.

A presentation on UPF’s principles was given by Mr. Krzysztof Gago, the president of UPF Poland. Then everyone listened to an inspiring poem by Mrs. Iwona Czarnecka-Budziszewska, Ambassador for Peace.

Next there was a welcome for special guest speaker Rev. Jackson. He testified about his work and his love and support for Jesus and Father Moon. The way he read the keynote speech was a very special and lively experience. Generally European people are more restrained in showing their emotions and have a more reserved attitude to God’s word, but these American clergy are very different. People were moved by the vivid expression of heart and spirit. This made the simultaneous translation of the speech into Polish a big challenge.

After the speech, the marriage blessing prayer was offered by Mr. and Mrs. Krzyszytof and Harujo Gago was followed by poems read by Mrs. Iwona Czarnecka-Budiszewska.

The final comments were given by Grzegorz Galacki, who invited everybody to participate in Middle East Peace Initiative activities and the UPF Symposia to be held in the Netherlands, and Mr. Krzystof Gago, who expressed his appreciation to the participants for attending the conference.

After the conference finished, many people spent time conversing with the guest speaker and other UPF staff.

To read a peace message delivered during these events click here.

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More Than 100 Asian Leaders Gather in Thailand for UPF Conference

Bangkok, Thailand—More than 100 guests from six nations participated in the most recent Asian Leadership Conference UPF held in Thailand.

International Day of Peace Observed in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia—A conference on “Peace Building and Our Environment” was held in Melbourne to commemorate the International Day of Peace 2019.

International Day of Peace Event Examines Media Bias

Bonn, Germany—The UPF commemoration started with a comparison of “peace journalism” vs. “war journalism.”