Israelis Unite through Interfaith Study

UPF and the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum held an interfaith study to celebrate the holidays of three major religions.


UPF-South Asia Hosts First "Peace Talks" Webinar

UPF-South Asia held its first regional “Peace Talks” webinar on the future of South Asia in a post-coronavirus world.


UPF-Argentina Commemorates UN International Day of Families via Zoom

UPF-Argentina recognized six couples who have been married for 31–49 years in the context of the International Day of Families 2020.


UPF “Peace Talks” Extend Their Reach to Bangladesh

UPF-Bangladesh’s “Peace Talks” webinar was on the theme “A Circle of Light: Moving Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Crisis.”


UPF-Congo Hosts Seminar, Appoints New Ambassador for Peace

From June 27 to 28, 2020, UPF-Congo’s Ambassadors for Peace participated in a two-day seminar having the theme “A Heavenly Congo in a Heavenly Africa.”


UPF “Peace Talks” Webinar Looks at Post-Covid Economic Outlook for the Americas

Experts from the Americas—North, South and the Caribbean—discuss the economic challenges brought by the pandemic.




See our Click here to view or listen to our new Webinar Program, UPF Peace Talks!


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Peace Tours

Peace Tour in Sierra Leone Focuses on a Conflict Hot Spot

Kenema, Sierra Leone - An International Leadership Conference and Global Peace Tour event was held in Kenema, a town at the center of recent violence and conflict. The conference registered religious leaders, members of civil society groups, NGOs, and members from the community anxious to hear new ways of reaching out for reconciliation.

The President of the Peace Council, Mrs. Alice Kamara, moderated the conference, and the presentations were given by the Secretary General of UPF-Sierra Leone, Rev. John D.S. Samura. The conference was called to order by the Secretary of the Youth Federation for World Peace, Alpha Y. Mansaray, who introduced the moderator and the President.

Rev. Samura introduced the mission of the UPF as a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace, a world where everyone can live together in freedom, harmony, and cooperation and with prosperity for all. “The foundation of our peace efforts rests on commonly shared universal principles,” he said.

He continued with other International Leadership Conference presentations including “One Family under God,” “The Significance of Being an Ambassador for Peace,” and “Character Education.” Participants reacted enthusiastically by asking many questions and giving meaningful contributions.

On March 28, Ambassadors for Peace participated in a service project that included cleaning the city center. The mayor of the town joined them in the cleaning.

Later that day, the main program continued at the Trinity Hall. Rev. Samura introduced the leader of the UPF-Kenema chapter, Mr. Hassan Kabba. The program then continued with a reading of the founder’s speech by Mrs. Kamara.

She thanked Mr. Kabba and his staff for their great efforts in making the event possible. Sharing the dramatic vision of peace for the 21st century that is sweeping across the globe, she continued by saying that it is a spiritual vision rooted in time–enduring principles, values, and aspirations, and it is inspiring a great peace movement throughout the world. That unifying vision is “One Family under God.”

Discussing the global crisis, Mrs. Kamara noted that “most governments, the G–20, and the United Nations are focused only on the ongoing worldwide financial chaos. But even more fundamentally, we face a growing moral and spiritual crisis, evidenced in the rise of family and marriage breakdown, divorce, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the growing number of young people alienated from society and prone to violent and anarchic impulses.”

“The universal appeal of the vision to create One family under God testifies to the fact that we do live at a time when lasting change is truly possible,” she concluded. “The Global Peace Tour and the Global Peace Festivals can play a vital role in restoring Sierra Leone, a nation recently torn by conflict.”

For the keynote address and more information about the peace tour, click here.


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UPF-Middle East Holds "Peace Talk" Forum

Istanbul, Turkey—Ambassadors for Peace and other peacemakers took part in a Peace Values Forum organized by UPF of the Middle East.

UPF-USA’s Tenth Weekly Interfaith Prayer Draws over 800 Participants

United States—UPF-USA’s tenth weekly Interfaith Prayer for the Nation and the World was convened on the Zoom and Facebook platforms on Thursday, June 11.

UPF-Portugal Observes World Refugee Day

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF and an affiliated organization participated in an online discussion marking World Refugee Day.