Cooperation Among Jewish and Arab Local Councils

The Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum met on August 16 to discuss “Good Neighborliness in the Judean Hills-Cooperation Among Jewish and Arab Local Councils Near Jerusalem.”


International Day of Peace Observed in France

More than 70 Ambassadors for Peace and guests attended a UPF event held to mark the UN International Day of Peace.


Jerusalem Forum Promotes Educational Initiatives

The Jerusalem Interfaith Forum gathered at the Israeli Peace Education Center on August 26 to discuss and promote educational initiatives.


Nepal Adopts New Constitution

On September 20, Nepal adopted a new constitution, making Nepal a secular, multiparty democracy.


International Day of Peace Observed in Switzerland

The 2015 International Day of Peace was celebrated with music, education and a peace march through Switzerland’s largest city.


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Peace Tour Builds UPF in Guinea

Conakry, Guinea - September 20, 2006 was a historical day in this peaceful but worried land in the heart of West Africa. Even though it was a working day and a morning time was chosen for the rally, 1,050 guests heard the UPF peace message in the famous Palais du Peuple hall where founding President Sekou Toure used to deliver long and bold revolutionary messages during the time of cold war when Guinea was in close ties with then Soviet Union.

Among the guests were top leaders of all fields, including three government ninisters, the Speaker of the Parliament, and 14 high officials from various political parties.

Invocation were offered by Archbishop Gomez of the Anglican Church and El Hadj Ibrahima Bah, the Grand Imam of Conakry. This is a significant cooperation in a country where 85 percent of population is Muslim.

Some participants were amazed to see so many people from different fields who usually are not together but whose words and activities affect so directly the life in the nation. UPF Chairman Michel Kamano, who is also the President of ECOSOC in his country, was constantly smiling as people came to congratulate him for being able to bring these people together.

After the Peace Message was presented by Mrs. Camara Poli, the Vice Minister of Religion said, “We believe this organization is truly a good one. Whenever you have some activity please do not hesitate to call us and we will be so happy to join you.”

Guinea has been affected by the political unrest in neighboring Liberia (14 years of civil war), Sierra Leone (11 years of civil war) and Cote d’Ivoire (which has experienced troubles since 2002). Many refugees came from these countries, raising serious concerns about land and food. The Guinea chapter of UPF, with its 50 Ambassadors for Peace, is planning more educational seminars to encourage leaders to play more active roles in peacebuilding in West Africa. This is in accordance with the African saying that “when fire is burning in your neighbor’s house, you should help firemen stop the fire; otherwise, your house may become the next target.”

To read a message delivered during the UPF peace tours click here.

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Conference Proposes a Vision for Revitalizing the Family in Japan

Tokyo, Japan—Addressing the rapidly aging population and declining birth rate in Japan was the focus of a conference UPF organized on September 12. 

International Day of Peace Observed in Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland—The celebration of the 2015 International Day of Peace took place in the largest church in Iceland.

Nigerians Celebrate Tenth Anniversary of UPF Founding

Abuja, Nigeria—Ambassadors for Peace and UPF-Nigeria staff celebrated UPF’s 10th anniversary by pledging to continue the work of the Founders.