"You're in the Right Place at the Right Time," said Jim Rogers, American Businessman - Toward World Summit 2020

An International Leadership Conference drew more than 300 participants who focused on preparations for World Summit 2020.


“Engagement and Commitment” Is Theme of UPF-Argentina’s July Gathering

Ambassadors for Peace learned much from community leader with 40 years’ experience in the social sphere.


UPF Delegation Attends Historic African Union Summit in Niger

The African Union’s 12th Extraordinary Summit launched the African Continental Free Trade Area.


UPF-Austria Opens Branch in Burgenland

UPF-Austria has inaugurated a local branch in the eastern state of Burgenland.


Africa Day Observed in Denmark

More than 150 guests attended an Africa Day 2019 program held at the UN City campuses.


National Parents Day Commemorated in Washington, DC

National Parents Day celebration honored couples who are exemplary leaders in living for the sake of others.




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Peace Tours

Peace Tour in Malaysia Inspires Students

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Children in Malaysia are taking the lead in showing how they can make a difference in the life of underprivileged children. Through the “Power of 10 Sen” campaign, the collective action of contributing a small coin is becoming a nationwide movement of peace that is set to help children around the world.

The Power of 10 Sen promoted its “Gaza Will Be Cared for by Children for Children” charity drive at a March 9 Peace Convocation at the University of Malaya. More than 1,500 participants filled to capacity the Dewan Tunku Chancellor Hall of the University of Malaya for the Malaysia event in UPF's Global Peace Tour 2009. They were from 12 universities and colleges, secondary schools, NGOs, and government departments.

This campaign is collecting donations to help Palestinian children suffering because of the armed conflict in Gaza. The charity drive also aims to inculcate a culture of peace and a deep realization that we are one global family. Thus, the pain and suffering experienced by someone from another part of the world is also our immediate concern.

Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, promoted the campaign at the Peace Convocation. "It is very timely to launch this campaign as children are always the biggest victims of war. They deserve to grow up in a peaceful environment with parental love and good education,” she said in her address. She also believes that peace can only be attained when the power of love replaces the love of power, adding that the "Power of 10 Sen — By the Children for the Children campaign is heading towards the goal of peace.”

The charity drive is jointly organized by the Universal Peace Federation of Malaysia and Malaysian Red Crescent Society. Tan Sri Zaleha, President of UPF-Malaysia, said that the goal of the campaign is to raise RM300,000 which will be channeled through the Malaysian Red Crescent Society International Relief Fund and used for humanitarian programs in Gaza. The donation drive began February 25 and will end on May 12.

As part of this year’s campaign, the Malaysian Red Crescent Society distributed 10,000 donation boxes to schools and the National Unity and Integration Department distributed 5,000 donation boxes to their kindergartens nationwide.

Tan Sri Zaleha said in her welcoming remarks: "All a child has to do is to drop in 10 sen a day. To set a good example, the parent of each child should drop in 10 sen 10 times a day. So, let us educate our children to express compassion and to affirm the righteous path of peace by encouraging them to give something of theirs to other children who are suffering in depressed parts of the world."

Two Gaza children, Muhammed and Mo’men, ages 6 and 5, made an appearance on stage when the campaign was launched. They had arrived from Gaza just a week earlier with their parents. Their home was damaged in the recent conflict and they hope to start a new life in Malaysia. According to the father, most of the children in Gaza are still living in poverty and lack a proper education.

Also present at the Peace Convocation was UPF-Asia Assistant Secretary General Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul. Representing the UPF International Chairman, he conveyed the Chairman’s Peace Message. He emphasized that “the vision to create One Family under God is not the dream of just one man, one woman, one family or one religion, but the dream of all humanity and, most of all, the dream of God. The ‘Power of 10 sen’ program is a great start in cultivating this culture of peace, towards One Family under God among the youths and children of Malaysia.”

Also present were the convocation were Ambassador from the Palestine embassy; representatives from the embassies of Croatia, Timor-Leste, and Azerbaijan; the Namibia High Commissioner; and wives of government ministers

During the Global Peace Festival in Malaysia last year, the Power of 10 Sen campaign raised funds for humanitarian aid in Cambodia.

An initial check of RM10,000 was presented on behalf of UPF-Malaysia by its President to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society and received by its National Chairman, Tunku Tan Sri Shahriman Tunku Sulaiman.

UPF-Malaysia and the Malaysia Red Crescent Society would like to thank the University of Malaya for lending its support and the Ministry of Education and the National Unity and Integration Department Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage for their enthusiasm in seeing this as a project as a way to instill a sense of collective responsibility in children. Appreciation is also given to all the celebrities and performers who performed for charity, including Jaclyn Victor, Suki, host and emcee Juliana Ibrahim, Sri Saraswathi Devi Bharathalaya, the National Culture and Arts Department, and the KL Children’s Choir.

A note of thanks is also offered to the sponsors, Patco Malaysia Berhad and Ribena.

For the keynote address and more information about the peace tour, click here.


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Kyiv, Ukraine—A Peace Road event traveled from Kyiv, Ukraine, to the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

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Seend, United Kingdom—A weekend retreat allowed Ambassadors for Peace to form friendships as well as study Principles of Peace.

Creativity Blooms at Russian Eco-Camp

St. Petersburg, Russia—Activists from UPF were invited to organize creative evenings at an ecological camp.