Moscow Roundtable Discusses Asia-Pacific Future

Experts on Northeast Asia analyzed the prospects for peace, security and development in the region.


University Event Shows Islamic and Ukrainian Cultures

Traditional dances, songs and clothes of both Ukraine and Islamic countries were presented at an event held at a university.


UPF Conference Inspires Asian Leaders to Promote Family Values

UPF convened an Asian Leadership Conference in Thailand in March, which was attended by 80 participants from 14 nations.


Korea Experts Focus on Peaceful Reunification

Eighty senior experts in Northeast Asian and Korean af-fairs discussed multi-track diplomacy as a means of bringing peace and security to the Korean Peninsula.


University Program in Las Vegas Aims to Strengthen Family

Despite living in the midst of a sexualized culture, we can safeguard the family, conference speakers said.


UN International Day of Families Commemorated in New Zealand

UPF New Zealand brought together 80 participants to honor the importance of families.




International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace


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Peace Tours

Peace Tour Builds UPF in Australia

Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, her son, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and his wife Jun Sook arrived in Sydney to deliver the UPF peace messages and were welcomed by Dr. and Mrs. Yong Cheol Song, Ambassador for Peace Hon. David Clarke of the Parliament of New South Wales, Robyn Ledesma, Rev. Rick McInerheney, Karen Judd Smith, and other families and Ambassadors for Peace.

After the initial greetings and meetings at the InterContinental Hotel, the party took a mid-day boat ride around Sydney Harbor. God gave them a spectacular day, sunny bright and full of fresh air and beautiful views. It was a rare and precious moment for them to be together as a family in such a beautiful setting.

The main event was convened at Sydney’s “Angel Place” Recital Hall, an elegant hall with excellent ambiance and acoustics. A “Peace Choir Competition” featured nine professional choirs representing various communities in Sydney such as Tongans, Samoans, Indonesian Catholics, Melkites, Thais, Sikhs, Bosnians, Lebanese, and Africans. These choirs performed for the first hour. Each group was dressed beautifully in traditional clothing.

Dignitaries in attendance included Hon. David Clarke and Hon. Anthony Roberts from the Parliament of New South Wales; Sir Thomas and Lady Carla Davis, former Prime Minister of the Cook Islands; Rabbi Dr. Brikha Nasoraia, head of the community of Mandaean Gnostics; Imam Jasmin Bekric of the Bosnian Muslim community; and Mr. Aziz Akbar.

In reading the Founder's Address, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon represented his father with confidence and warm, bringing the word to life, and preparing the way for Mother Moon’s delivery of the peace message.

Hon. David Clarke gave congratulatory remarks praising the speakers and the message of peace, reconciliation, and true family ideals.

The Tongan choir won the first prize and closed the program with a rousing version of “Kumbaya” that brought everyone to their feet. The evening closed with a reception for about 100 Ambassadors for Peace.

To read a message delivered during the UPF peace tours click here.

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International Day of Families Observed in Japan

Tokyo, Japan—To commemorate the International Day of Families 2019, UPF-Japan, in partnership with a local NGO, organized a clean-up project in Tokyo.

Munich Audience Receives Insights into the Hereafter

Munich, Germany—People must be aware that life does not end with death, a journalist and historian told a UPF meeting.

UPF-Canada Discusses Plans for IAPD in Toronto

Toronto, Canada—UPF-Canada held a meeting to discuss ideas for developing the IAPD’s interfaith work in the Toronto area.