Israel’s Faith Leaders Pray during Pandemic

Leaders representing four main religions met to pray for the healing of the world from coronavirus.


UPF-Korea Event Supports Launch of New Organization

UPF-Korea held an event in support of the launch of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, an affiliated organization, which was broadcast online and attended by 810 participants.


Russian Orthodox Cleric Promotes Pedagogy of Peace

A prominent Russian Orthodox cleric was the first guest in a series of online meetings on interreligious cooperation.


Africa Day Event Tackles Major Issues

An Africa Day commemoration discussed violence against women and government corruption.


India Celebrates Global Day of Parents with Virtual Conference

UPF-India celebrated the UN Global Day of Parents 2020 by organizing a virtual conference on “Parental Love is the Key to Combating COVID-19,” with several hundred participants.


Faith for Earth: Climate Change and Environmental Justice

The Coalition of Faith Based Organizations, a partner organization of UPF, hosted a June 4th webinar on Faith for Earth: Climate Change and Environmental Justice..




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Peace Tours

Peace Tour Builds UPF in Cote d'Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire has been experiencing political unrest following a failed military coup in 2002. The ongoing peace process to achieve peace and reconciliation for the nations of West Africa has been marked by a series of important summits and seven peace accords, the last one being the Pretoria Accord, following the Lome, Accra, and Marcoussis Accords from 2002 to 2005.

Hon. Bernadette Bouaman, Member of Parliament, Recipiant of the Peace Award, with new Ambassadors for Peace
During this sensitive period, UPF has received a lot of positive reaction and more attention from the general public and national leaders.

The week before the UPF peace rally rally, there was high tension in the country. Some people were killed in the cities of Bassam, Oumé, and Divo. Also, the day of the event, many significant persons were out of town at the invitation of the President who invited governmental ministers, ambassadors, and high-ranking people to the capital city Yamoussoukro to attend a military academy graduation ceremony.

On this blessed day of July 27, the event started at 5:00 pm with 1,075 people in attendance. Some participants arrived one hour earlier. The television stations and newspapers in Abidjan had given good coverage announcing the UPF rally, and the preparations committee had been receiving a very good response.

Among the participants were three former government cabinet ministers, 20 Members of Parliament, 12 religious leaders, 10 university professors, five city governors and mayors from the countryside, seven Ambassadors (or their representatives) from other countries, 120 high school teachers, 100 civil society and NGO leaders, 50 businessmen, 25 army or police officers, and 25 members of the national ECOSOC. Ambassadors for Peace in attendance numbered 171, joined by 527 others including relatives and guests of Ambassadors for Peace.

The main event started with the reading of the chairman's speech by local UPF President Mr. Emmanuel Gbocho after invocation prayers by Iman Yaya Legre and Bishop Paraiso. A brief explanation of the marriage blessing was given by Mr. Tsukasa Yoshida. Mr. Likane Gabriel, UPF Secretary General, offered a prayer of blessing for married couples.

Guests at event

The video introducing Dr. Sun Myung Moon and UPF activities was very appreciated by participants, with Mr. Adama Doumbia, the sub regional director, reading Father Moon’s speech. The audience followed the reading with great attention and high interest in the message. The event culminated with a prayer for blessing of marriage by Mr. and Mrs. Doumbia.

All participants were very inspired. Among the participants were Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals, and a traditional chief. In the audience we could see couples happily holding each others' hands.

On that foundation certificates were presented to new Ambassadors for Peace. During the preparations for the rally, we had received 377 applications from people seeking to become Ambassadors for Peace, and 22 dignitaries received their certificate publicly on this occasion. One former minister, three Members of Parliament, the national TV and radio chairman, several police officers, traditional chiefs, famous artists, and young political leaders joined the growing ranks of Ambassadors for Peace.

A Peace Medal was given to Hon. Bernadette Bouaman, a Member of Parliament who invested herself to support the preparation of the rally. She is an Ambassador for Peace who also participated in the Middle East Peace Initiative, traveling to Jerusalem on a peace mission in 2004. She has been speaking about the vision and teaching of Father Moon on national television and radio.

Following the rally, two television channels as well as five newspapers gave very positive reports. In response to their requests, UPF scheduled a special ceremony on August 9 to present 200 new Ambassadors for Peace with their certificate publicly.

Well-known people such Laurent Tape Koulou, a prominent political activist, and Paul Arnaud, a journalist, are now appearing on television and in public meetings wearing their white scarf worn during the UPF rally and proclaiming their new role as Ambassadors for Peace and delivering peace messages to the population. They look so proud to be Ambassadors for Peace.

Some responses:

Mrs. Gnonsoa Angele, former Minister of the Environment, a university professor, and Secretary General of the Labor Party: “This is my first time to participate in a UPF ceremony. I was hoping to learn new things. I am very satisfied. The ceremony was very good and meaningful. I will join more often in such occasions.”

Mr. Christophe Gbegbo, diplomat and Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of Benin: “It’s a real pleasure for me to know this institution, whose ideal is so great: live for the sake of others, and magnify and dignify the family. May your organization establish peace and love everywhere and succeed in ending violence and hatred. My hope is to become a true Ambassador for Peace. May God guide the organization and its founder.”

Mr. Paul Arnaud, former journalist, President of the Cultural Scientific Council: “I have had the honor for the past year to be an Ambassador for Peace. A new way to love and brotherhood is opening for me and my family. I pray for peace to bloom in our hearts and families. I am so happy to participate in the rally for peace and blessing. I could understand how great this idea is; it is a true way to peace that Rev. Moon has opened for humankind. It was the second greatest day for my family.”

Mr. Maurice Bandaman, Chairman of the national TV and radio station: “At this crucial moment our country is facing, we are looking for a way for peace. We are grateful that the people of the world are embracing our country and offering their love and support to help end our turmoil. I am so happy to meet brothers of UPF on this memorable occasion. UPF has a good ideal. I hope to learn more about that ideal and be a good Ambassador for Peace.”

Mr Bailly Spinto, a famous singer: “I am so happy to attend this ceremony. To be an Ambassador for Peace is an honor. I hope to be worthy of it.”

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UPF-Argentina Hosts Weekly Reading and Reflection Sessions on Zoom

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