Interreligious Association for Peace and Development Launched in Europe

A two-day International Leadership Conference organized by Universal Peace Federation brought together 250 participants from 45 nations.


IAPP Inaugurated in Malawi

Forty-five members of the Malawian Parliament took part in the inauguration of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) at the Parliament building.


IAPP Is Launched in Portugal

The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was inaugurated in Portugal at a conference held in the national parliament.


UPF-Nigeria Celebrates International Women’s Day

Over 200 women and men gathered on March 4, 2018 at the National Ecumenical Center for the Special Women’s Interdenominational Service to commence activities to mark the 2018 International Women’s Day.


32nd Peace Diplomats Forum Hosted by UPF-Japan

UN Security Council reform was the focus of the 32nd Peace Diplomats Forum, which took place at the United Nations University in Tokyo.


Interfaith "Helping Hands Project"

Ambassadors for Peace in partnership with UPF have come together to create a novel interfaith program, the Helping Hands Project, which serves people who need assistance with cleaning and gardening.




International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace


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Peace Tours

Peace Tour Builds UPF in Pakistan

Allama Mushtaq Hussain Jaffery, Chief of Islam for Peace Movement received Ambassador for Peace certificate from Mr.Taj HamadMr. Taj Hamad, Deputy Secretary General of UPF, and Dr. Robert Kittel, head of UPF-India, brought the UPF peace message to Pakistan.

“Twenty-four hours before the June 20 program, we didn’t know who was coming or the details of the event,” Mr. Hamad said. “The UPF leader for Pakistan, Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, is a wonderful person; he is fluent, hospitable, and genuine in approaching his people. A group of small Japanese women who do not even speak the language are making a difference in this country. When you look at their faces and hear their stories, your heart is touched. They move heaven through their earnestness and sacrifice.”

The peace program was held in the Marriott, the best hotel in the capital. The banner was hung about five minutes before the event began, while people were coming in. The hall filled up, with more than 300 people in attendance.

A famous singer in the country offered praise to the Prophet Mohammad. A government minister spoke highly of UPF. The imam of the largest mosque in the nation spoke; more than 30,000 people come to Friday prayers every week to listen to him. One of the most outstanding scholars in the country also spoke. A group of children came on stage dressed like emissaries of peace, wearing white robes and with doves on their head.

“I had the privilege of reading the UPF peace messagae,” Mr. Hamad said. “I read Father Moon’s speech as he instructs it to be given, adding occasional words in Arabic from the Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet to help the Muslims understand.”

This was followed by a prayer for blessing of marriage. Six couples stood in front, representing all the couples in the audience. Several religious leaders were on the platform to offer their prayers and support. One of the imams spoke about the value of marriage, and another imam offered a prayer for the couples. Mrs. Pak offered a blessing prayer in Korean. Afterwards, the Japanese women sang a Pakistani song, moving the hearts of the people.

Robert Kittel gave a presentation about Father Moon’s life, and Ambassador for Peace certificates were presented to generals, university professors, NGO leaders, scholars, authors, and women leaders. Local, continental, and international leaders joined to cut the celebration cake.

“There is an incredible grace of God in Pakistan,” Mr. Hamad observed. “We had been concerned about how things would work out, but people’s hearts were melted. They came running up to me asking for a copy of the speech.”

A trip to the UPF Peace Embassy in Lahore followed. Lahore is the cultural capital of the country. The Peace Embassy, built with money donated from Japan, is a two-story marble building with an elegant reception area. There are framed photos from various conferences in the rooms, and on the second floor is an auditorium with seats for 200 people.

To read a message delivered during the UPF peace tours click here.

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IAPP Is Launched in Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal—The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was inaugurated in Portugal at a conference held in the national parliament.

Catholic Order Invites UPF to Interfaith Event

Bergamo, Italy—Representatives of UPF and an affiliated organization were invited to speak at an interfaith program organized by a Catholic religious order.

International Mother Earth Day Observed in Peru

Lima, Peru—UPF-Peru celebrated the UN’s International Mother Earth Day with a forum co-sponsored by the secretary general of the Andean Community of Nations.